Gemstone Designs

by Jón Olaf Svane

Faceters all over the world, especially the amateurs, are constantly making new designs to improve their hobby. To some designing is what they do, others cut gems. Very few are consequent in doing both. And even rarely is seen a cutter, who designs a cut then cuts it, and then releases it.
With the upcome of the new Windows version of the "CAD" design program GEMCAD, making new designs has become easy. Only problem left is to identify, if the "new" design really is new. Best source for this kind of info is DataVue2, a database of more than 4000 gem designs.

Design files are available in various formats:

File prefix Used with Download from
.ASC may also bee edited in any plain text editor like Notepad or Wordpad, and afterwards used in GemCad.
Check Robert Strickland's GemCAD
.PDF to be viewed with AdobeAcrobatReader® or your browser if it supports PDF. AdobeAcrobateReader® acroread
to be viewed in any pictureviewer like IrfanView, Microsoft Photo Editor, PhotoShop or whichever you have available. IrfanView
  DataVue2 database DVue2

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My Designs

Following is my own designs. I list them here by name only, but via my index, you may find them from various other criteria.

Name .PDF file Web file .GEM file Picture
Barion Heart BarionHeart   BarionHeart
Checker Blossom CheckerBlossom   CheckerBlossom  
Checker Heart CheckHeart   CheckHeart  
Dexter Dexter   Dexter  
Domed Hexagonal Barion   DoHeBaDi    
Dråbe på sned - Skewed drop SkewedDrop   SkewedDrop  
Gettogether   Gettogether    
Heptagonal Star HeptStar   HeptStar  
Heptagonal Star 120 index 120HeptStar   120HeptStar  
Hexagonal Barion   HeBaDi    
Jon's Wheel #2 Wagon Wheel with pavillon turned 1/8 to the crown as suggested by Walt Heitland. JonWheel2   JonWheel2  
Portuguese Barion, I doubt this is really a barion, but the idea is the same.
I did this only to se if I could.
The sawtooth girdle will disappear, if you cut very close to the critical angle.
PortuBarion   PortuBarion
Saksisk slib - Saxon cut   SaxCut    
Triangular Barion   Tribadia    
TriSun   TriSunDi    
Turtle Head TurtleHead   TurtleHead  
Wagon Wheel Wagon   Wagon  

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